DrupalCon Londres 2011, retour d’expérience

DrupalCon Londres 2011, retour d’expérience

30 septembre 2011 par Nicolas
Info Drupal : Actency à la DrupalCon Londres 2011

Nicolas, originaire de Londres, a rejoint notre agence strasbourgeoise pour exercer et améliorer sa passion de Drupal. Il s’est rendu à la DrupalCon (réunion de la communauté Drupal) à Londres fin du mois dernier. Un événement international qui a regroupé plus de 1750 experts, Nicolas nous fait un compte rendu des points clés, in english, please ;)

Prochain événement à suivre auquel nous participons : le Drupagora à Paris le 10 novembre, vous aurez de nos nouvelles…


"I returned from Drupalcon London 2011 feeling more sure than ever that Drupal as a product is moving forward. The community is thriving, and more and more companies are realising the benefits of Drupal and making the switch...

Drupalcon London : the biggest (European) Drupalcon ever

Community is what makes Drupal so great and Drupalcon's are a great opportunity to meet people, share knowledge and experience and, of course, promote your business. Drupalcon London was the biggest European Drupalcon to date: there were over 1750 people (not just developers but business people, marketers, designers, and so on), 73 sessions, and many other organised and impromptu discussions. So many people meeting to discuss how to use and improve Drupal can only bode well for the future.

In good health

It is a tradition at each Drupalcon that Dries Buytaert - Drupal's founder - give a 'State of Drupal' keynote presentation. At Drupalcon London, Dries talked about recent successes and identified some key opportunities going forward.

Firstly, recent successes. Drupal is being adopted by more and more companies, in part driven by the newest release - Drupal 7. Drupal 7 reached 100k sites in less than 6 months, compared to 12 months for Drupal 6 and introduces many benefits over its predecessor including: better workflow management, media support, and much better support for e-commerce.
Secondly, there are some great opportunties going forward. Drupal is almost uniquely positioned among open source content management systems, because it is can be adapted to a wide variety of use cases - from small to large, and even very large, sites. This makes it a great option for companies who have multiple sites built on different technologies ; they can standardise on Drupal and in doing so reduce IT costs because each site is essentially built on the same technology. Because it is open source (no on-going licensing fees), popular, and around for the long-term Drupal is also a great choice for legacy replacement. Mobile development, too, is becoming increasingly important given the large numbers of people who access the web using mobile devices and Drupal has a number of contributed solutions which enable it to handle the needs of the mobile web.

Moving forward

A well-known saying in the Drupal community is 'the drop never stops'. This saying captures the idea that Drupal is always moving forward, always improving. Drupalcons offer a unique chance for core developers to get together to discuss and implement improvements for the next version of Drupal and beyond. For me personally it was great to see and meet some of the many people who are working on improving Drupal. Just some of the many improvements being worked on for Drupal 8 (and which we can look forward to) are:

  • web services (using Drupal for more than just HTML-based websites)
  • HTML5 in core (the latest web standards)
  • better multi-language support
  • UX improvements (making Drupal easier to use)

I returned from Drupalcon London 2011 feeling more sure than ever that Drupal as a product is moving forward."